The first International ReGenera R&D International for Aging Intervention and VCC Preventive Medical Promotion Foundation has been a flashy success. It has been held in Beijing last June 8, having as topics Gut Microbiota and Health. The keynote speaker was prof. Marotta and the meeting features the most authoritative Asian specialists in the field.  The conference room was fully packed and, most important, about 10.000 physicians and health professionals registered for a live attendance at distance. The event as covered by the most reputed national TV channels and in the next days a series of interviews followed up. The organizer, VCC Preventive Medical Promotion Foundation, given this success, is planning further similar top scientific gatherings this year in other locations. There was a general consensus on the importance to deepen our knowledge in this area as well ass starting providing practical steps forwards an evaluation and phenotypic monitoring of gut microbiota, while envisaging designer pro-prebiotics interventions.

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