25th Functional Food conference

ReGenera R&D International for Aging Intervention has been invited to be part of the 25th Functional Food conference. The conference was hosted by the highly-reputed Ritsumeikan-Ibaraki University in Osaka, Japan and gathered a selected number of key opinion leaders from plant genomics, to gut microbiology, food technology and clinicians. ReGenera International was present with three members, prof. Marotta (Italy), prof. A. Kushugulova (Kazakstan) and dr. S. Huang (China) .belonging to the ReGenera International-associated Preventive Medical Promotion Foundation (VCC, Beijing, China), Prof. Marotta address the issue of nutraceutical intervention in redox and mitochondrial abnormalities in menopause, prof. Kushugulova presented data on typical Kazaki functional food while dr. Huang introduced how the modern EB Functional Medicine and TCM could successfully deal with psoriasis.