International Seminar on Clinical Practice of Gut Microbiota from the Leading Perspective

Meeting time: 9:00 – 12:30,2018.6.8
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotels& Resorts , Beijing, China
Sponsor:Chinese Health Association; CSGE, Chinese Society of Gastroenterology, Gut Flora Research Group, Institute of Gastroenterology, PLA General Hospital
Organizer: VCC Preventive Medical Promotion Foundation, VCCMedical Group, Beijing and VCC Clinic
Co-organizer: Digestive Community; Medical Field, Digestive Channel; Functional Medicine Doctor Network

Prof. Francesco Marotta (keynote lecture)
Chief Scientist Expert on Digestive System and gut microbiota, Hon. Res Prof. Texas University, USA, Genomic Pioneer Awardee 2008, Founder ReGenera R&D International for Aging Intervention, Milano-Beijing.
Topic: New Frontier in Gut-Brain Crosstalk and opportunities for Interventional Avenue


Dr. Yang Yunsheng
Director of the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital)
Topic: Root causes and reflection on major chronic diseases

Dr. Hong Zuoxing
Medical Tutor in Taiwan Functional Medicine
Topic: Discussion on the clinical application of gut microflora in the direction of Function Medicine


Dr. Wang Shuyan
Certified Doctors of American Society of Functional Medicine (IFM) and the World Anti-Aging Society (A4M); Cardiology Deputy Chief Physician:
Topic: Gut microbiota and inflammation


Dr. Zhu Liying
Japan University of Agriculture and Technology
Topic: Rapid detection and application of gut microecological metabolism

Prof. He Fang
West China School of Public Health, Sichuan University; Director of Japan Lactic bacteria; Director of Chinese Food Science and Technology Society, lactic acid Branch
Topic: Current status and development prospect of probiotics in the practice of disease prevention and treatment