Round Table

Scientists with extensive publications list in the field

Prof. Alexander Vaiserman

National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
Laboratory of Epigenetics

Prof. Satya Prakash

Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Member, Artificial Cells and Organs Research Centre
Associate Member, Physiology
McGill University      DOWNLOAD CV

Prof Surajit Pathak, M.Sc, Ph.D.

Dr. Surajit Pathak is an Indian born research scientist, advisor and an Associate Professor at CHETTINAD ACADEMY OF RESEARCH AND EDUCATION, Chennai who has multiple expertise encompassing cancer biology, stem cell and regenerative medicine. He started active research in the year 2001 and received his Ph.D from  INDIA in 2007. Worked in USA, Italy and Sweden over 10 years with 900 citations. Dr. Pathak has published over 52 papers till date.         DOWNLOAD CV

Prof. D. Sakthi Kumar Ph.D.

Prof. D. Sakthi Kumar is currently working as Deputy Director for Bio Nano Electronics Research Centre (BNERC) and as Professor in Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science, Toyo University, Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. in 1989,1991,1998 respectively from Mahatma Gandhi University of Kerala, India. After receiving his Ph.D.; he worked as Research Associate at the Thin Film Laboratory, Dept. of Physics, IIT Delhi, India. He joined BNERC after winning prestigious JSPS, Japan postdoctoral fellowship in 2001. He is interested in research fields such as developing bio-nano devices and nanodrugs to fight against cancers, biomaterials, scaffolds for implantations, bio/chemical/optical sensors, carbon nanotubes for bio imaging and as a treatment method for cancers, quantum dots and nanomaterials for optical and bio imaging and solar cell applications etc. He has published 129 peer reviewed research articles including many cover page articles, review articles and also published many book chapters and having 8 patents in his credit and delivered many invited talks in international seminars and chaired sessions. He co-edited two books “Plant Nanotechnology: Principles and Practices” (Springer), “Biomedical Applications of Polymeric Materials and Composites” (Wiley-VCH) and one under preparation “Cancer bionanotechnology: Detection, Tools and Therapy” (Pan Stanford). Under his guidance 18 students received their doctoral degrees. For his work in biopolymers; The Society of Polymer Science, Japan honoured him with Asia Excellence Award in 2012. He is currently serving as Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group).


Prof.Cacabelos Ramon

Dr. Ramón Cacabelos is Professor of Genomic Medicine and President of the EuroEspes Biomedical Research Center, Corunna, Spain. He received his M.D. from Oviedo University, Ph.D. from Santiago University, and D.M.Sci. (Psychiatry) from Osaka University Medical School, Osaka, Japan. After a decade at the Department of Psychiatry in Osaka, he returned to Spain and focused his research activity on the genomics and pharmacogenomics of neurodegenerative disorders. He has published over 600 papers and 24 books, and is Editor-in-Chief of the first World Guide for Drug Use and Pharmacogenomics and President of the World Association of Genomic Medicine.

Prof. Fang HE

Prof. Fang HE

Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food and Food Safety, West China College of Public Health, Sichuan University,from November 2012 to present.
・ Main interest in gut ecosystem, aging, probiotics, healthy-aging studies. Editorial board member of Biogerontology journal. Authored several original articles and reviews in the field.  DOWNLOAD CV

Prof. Almagul Kushugulova

Prof. Almagul Kushugulova

Ph.D, D.M.Sc. Head of Human Microbiome Lab
Center for Life Sciences, NLA, Nazarbayev University
53 Kabanbay Batyr Ave, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
Area of research: human microbiome, nutrition, probiotic and functional food
Teaching and research supervising experience. 20 years of research experience in Microbiology    DOWNLOAD CV

Prof.Prasad Chandan

Prof. Mario Barbagallo, MD, PhD

Is Professor of Geriatrics and Director of the Geriatric Unit, University Hospital of Palermo, and Director Post-graduate program in Geriatrics, University of Palermo, Italy
Chairman of the Clinical Section of IAGG-ER (International association of Geriatrics-European Region) for the years 2015-2019.
Born in Palermo, Italy, he obtained his medical degree in 1983. He worked in Parma and Rome where he obtained the PhD in 1989. From 1989 to 1992, worked at the Cornell University Medical Center, New York, NY, USA, and from 1993 to 1995 as a Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA.
He is an expert of problems related to the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with aging.
He is member of numerous national and international scientific societies and appreciated speaker in Italy and abroad. He is author of about 500 publications in national and international scientific journals.    DOWMLOAD CV

Suresh Rattan

Prof. Woo-Sik Jeong, Ph.D. Professor

Woo-Sik Jeong, Ph.D. Professor
Department of Food and Life Sciences, Inje University, Korea
Secretary General, The Korean Society of Food and Nutrition, Korea
Member of Review Board for Health Claims and Advertisement of Heath Functional Food, Korea Food and Drug Administration/Korea Health Supplements Association, Korea
Member of Scientific Advisory Board for New Food Ingredient, Korea Food and Drug Administration, Korea
Member of Global Scientific Advisory Board of Mannatech, Inc, USA